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To compete successfully and grow your operation, you need to be – active!

You Want to Keep Busy, Actively Getting on With the Job

The metalworking and engineering industry can be demanding. Working to precise and exacting specifications. Meeting high quality standards and compliance.Sourcing the right machinery to suit specific applications. Customising machinery for unique jobs. Keeping up with technological advancements. Meeting challenging customer deadlines. Managing the day to day running of your business. To compete successfully and grow your operation, you need to be – active!

You want to keep busy, actively getting on with the job, not caught up with frustrating delays that could cost you money. So when it comes to sourcing and acquiring machinery and equipment finance, you want a streamlined process which delivers the right equipment at the right price with the best equipment loans to support your business.

We’re assisting you to be active by delivering concise, yet comprehensive information on some of the key metal working machines and most importantly, how to source the best machinery finance in Australia.

To Support You in Achieving a Great Outcome in
Acquiring Assets

This is a dynamic information hub to support you in achieving a great outcome in acquiring assets. You accept that your work is demanding, but you don’t want to have to deal with demanding banks when it comes to sourcing a loan. You want finance on your terms.

We set out the types of machinery finance available, where and how to source the best deals.

But first the right equipment – that’s what will give you the edge in completing those demanding customer orders on time and on budget. We’re showcasing a selection of sheet metal and engineering machinery to assist with your selection process.

Metal Working Machinery Finance

Metalworking machinery and equipment is understandably a significant acquisition for any business. With many engineering workshops in the SME category, the purchase may require any more care and considering. Key to astute asset acquisitions is ensuring you secure a great machinery finance deal. The best equipment loans are those that are tailored to suit your specific business structure and cash flow, have the cheapest interest rates and are secured with minimal hassle and time on your part. Deals that keep you active in driving your business forward.

There are a range of commercial finance products available for the purchase of metalworking machinery. Products include Chattel Mortgage, Equipment Leasing and Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP).

Most banks and finance companies will offer equipment loans but very often they involve your business having to adhere to their strict guidelines. An attractive alternative for savvy business operators is to engage the professional services of a finance broker to source and handle their machinery finance requirements. Services of brokers are easily accessible and available to all sized business. Click over to our Finance page for all the details on sourcing cheap and cost-effective finance.

Websites such as www.machines4u.com.au are a convenient resource as many of the dealers and manufacturers list their stock on the site. You can quickly compare what’s available in a particular category, review the specs and then click through directly to the seller for more information. The site also posts informative articles on hot topics, new techniques and industry news. So it’s worth checking out.

We’ve covered off on a selection of machinery manufacturers and some specific models of the most popular and commonly-used machines in workshops in Australia. Equipment that you’ll find in plenty of workshops and jobbing operations as well large industrial and manufacturing businesses across the country.

We’ve dedicated web pages to:-

We’ve selected a few models in each category to focus on and give you some ideas to consider. But there are many more.

When it comes to cost-effective, tailored finance for your equipment purchase, we know people that operate in the machinery finance area. We can share their details with you when you contact us.