The metal cutting saw is fundamental equipment in the sheet metal workshop. In fact most workshops probably have several to suit different applications. There are a large number of metal bandsaws for sale in Australia, both new and used, so purchasers have major decisions to make around which particular unit and where to purchase. Weighing up the options of buying new or used, from a dealer, private seller or even at auction.

The most popular brands with buyers in Australia appear to be Metalmaster, Hafco, Cosen, Everising and Steelmaster. All leading manufacturers offering a range of machines for you to choose from. We provide a brief overview of a selection.


The Hafco Metalmaster BS-321AS Dual Mitre Metal Bandsaw is a quality machine which features swivel head, is semi-automatic and is considered particularly effective for cutting at 90 degrees. It can cut up 331mm round material, has variable speeds and a quick operating mechanism that easily allows the operator to alter the mitre angle.

Also available in the Hafco horizontal bandsaw category is the Hafco Metalmaster Swivel Head BS 13DS. This industrial duty unit has many features which make it hard to beat for price and size in this range. The double mitre swivel head cuts mitres up to 60 degrees right and 45 degree left, there’s a selection of blade speeds and the built-in coolant systems ensures cutting efficiency.


The Cosen SH-500M is another popular choice in the semi-automatic bandsaw category. It features a swivel head, variable speeds of 23, 36, 51 and 76 m/min, 4150 x 27 x 0.9 mm blade size and has the capacity to cut up to 330mm round (0 degrees) and up to 280 mm x 500 mm rectangular (0 degrees).


Everising is ranked as one of the world’s leading band saw manufacturers and offers a range of semi-automatic, fully automatic, hi-tech, mitre, vertical, ring cutting and aluminium cutting models. Of note, with the S-6235HAA fully auto model the operator can program in multiple angles and multiple lengths.


Steelmaster is a highly sought-after manufacturer and in the semi-auto metal bandsaw range their offerings include the large double mitre 620mm x 450mm model. Like the Hafco and Cosen models, it also has a swivel head and is full of features which ensure efficiency and precision.

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