Plasma cutting is commonly used in many engineering and metalworking workshops and through other industry sectors. The technique involves an electrical channel of superheated gas, known as the plasma, which has the capability to cut cleanly through metal.

Due to the popularity of the technique, a number of manufacturers are in the plasma cutter market, including some such as Farley in Victoria and Shaw in Queensland, which are manufactured in Australia. With quite a selection to choose from when considering your purchase, we take a quick look at what’s available.


Located in Victoria, Farley LaserLab Australia offer a highly-competitive range of plasma cutters. The Farley Quickedge Connect machine could be worth considering to support a local business. The machine is made in Australia, engineered in Australia, built using Australian steel but with US Hypertherm and Farley Laserlab technology.


Plazmax is another notable in the plasma cutter market and we focussed on their CutAce MaxPro 200 model. A medium duty plasma cutter which offers high production and high speed, minimal staff supervision, a 3000 x 1500 water table and is ideal for metal cutting applications.


Hafco are leaders in metalworking machinery and their Raptor CNC Plasma Cutter range should be considered. They deliver a cost effective profile cutting especially for repeatable and precise requirements. The Pronest software which is incorporated in the Raptor is easy to learn and provides advanced mechanised cutting.


Another affordable solution worth considering is the Yamada FSC 510 Plasma Cutter. It is set-up as an all-in-one CNC machine which includes the plasma cutting abilities as well as pipe cutting, oxy cutting, bevel cutting and the table in the one piece of machinery.

Shaw Machinery

Based in Queensland, Shaw Machinery offer the Shaw-Cut CNC Plasma Cutting machine which includes duct-cam HVAC software. The unit has Mitsubishi servo motors, hyperthem cutters, German guides, slides and sensor switches and switch gear. The company arranges delivery and installation nationally.

We’ve focussed on new plasma cutters but a used machine may be better suited to your budget. Whether you buy new or used, machinery finance is available for plasma cutter purchases.

If you’re in the market for a great equipment finance deal on the purchase of a plasma cutter, click over to our finance page for details of what’s available and how to source the cheapest equipment loans.