Sheet Metal Machinery: Snapshot

The specific type of machinery you need for your sheet metal shop will depend on your specialty area. With the vast range of different types of equipment, even more sub-categories and models available under the sheet metal machinery category, we’ve selected just a few of the machines that are commonly used in Australia.

Laser Cutting and Marking

We honed in on the YSD Laser Cutting Machine which is designed for fabricated plate work and is used a lot in steel service centres. This machine with its large table capacity, 3 x 12.5m, is the largest capacity in available across the industry. It has built-in functionality to ensure consistent cutting over the cutting area.

Press Brakes

Hafco is a leading name in the sector and their Metalmaster PB-135B hydraulic CNC pressbrake is ideal for a production workshop or a jobbing operation. Highly durable, providing precision bending capability with a main frame of rolled, stress-relieved steel, this is a top of the range unit worth a close look.


When it comes to guillotines, check out the Metalmaster hydraulic range which have rolled, stress-relieved constructed main frames. During the shearing process and also with extreme continuous loads, this steel construction prevents distortion. Despite the high quality of this range, they present great value and come in at affordable prices as they are produced in quite large volumes.

HVAC Tools

Steelmaster offer a massive range of engineering and metalwork machinery and their HVAC Auto Duct Model AML-3 is a popular purchase. It comprise a twin decoiler, standard config, leveller grooving unit and a range of features that can reduce the labour requirements. Worth considering if you’re in the market for HVAC tools.


Plate rolls are a must-have in the workshop and the Isitan IRM 127×140 offers great value for money, when you buy from a great dealer! It features mild steel capacity hardened rolls, motorised rear roll and an initial pinch design.

For more sheet metal machinery, head direct to the manufacturers’ websites for a dealer in Australia near you. If you need finance, head to our finance web page for info on getting the best machinery finance.