Waterjet Cutting Machines: Overview

Remaining active, competitive and a leader in your sector may require investment in a new waterjet cutting system. They utilise high-pressure water jets or a mix of an abrasive and water to cut.

These machines provide the optimum in cutting productivity for many applications such as cutting metal, stone and glass for construction, building, aerospace and other uses.

Some of the smaller machines are specifically for stone, the larger units are designed for harder materials such as metal. We take a look at a few of the models on the market in Australia.

Flow Mach Range

Flow Mach is a major name in the sector and the Mach 500 lays claim to being the best available in regard to cutting speed and accuracy. It features a high pressure pump – the 87,000 psi hyperjet – and advanced technology to reduce processing time and increase your productivity. Especially popular in the manufacturing sector where price competition is tough.

The 500 is available in a number of sizes with options to semi-customise to your operation. This model has a Dynamic XD cutting head, dual gantries, 5 axis and numerous cutting heads. The multiple heads may be the key to your business being super active and moving to increased levels of profitability.

The Flow range is renowned for its engineering reliability and is available in a number of models to suit different operations, cutting requirements and applications.

TCI Waterjet Models

The TCI range is manufactured in Europe but is fully CE certified. The SM-C 3015 is versatile as it is quite easily transported and installed and has the capabilities to carry out demanding jobs at an impressive price-performance ratio. In fact, many customers install this machine themselves, saving the time, cost and hassle of engaging a specialist assembly team.

The list of features is impressive and include an energy efficient system, smart touch, numeric control, cut control, SRA height control system, connectivity for online communication and the Abraline transfer and metering systems. This unit has the Class IV safety system and comes with one cutting head and a cutting table.

If the TCI sounds like the unit that will suit your water cutting applications, the price is a significant investment and you may require equally impressive equipment finance. Head to our finance page for tips on cutting your equipment loan costs.

Jekran System

User friendly but packed with technology, the Jekran XM waterjet cutting systems have a range of features and inclusions that may be just what your business needs to increase output, productivity and your bottom line.

Standard on the X-MW units are in-built material databases, auto garnet delivery systems and the assistance of laser light positioning for the sheets. For jobs which involve brittle materials, the variable soft piercing function is also standard.

The direct-drive pump is built in Germany, an assurance of engineering excellence, and the unit manufactured in Europe. The output is impressive and is achieved with savings on energy. Presenting great value compared with similar standard and capability machines on the market in Australia.

If you’re in the market for a great equipment finance deal on the purchase of a waterjet machines, click over to our finance page for details of what’s available and how to source the cheapest equipment loans.